Building sustainable future for young people globally

Prince’s Trust America

About Us

The Prince’s Trust was founded on the vision that every young person should have the chance to succeed – a vision that remains unchanged today.

Our Mission

The Prince’s Trust is committed to transforming young lives by enabling young people aged 11 to 30 complete their journey from education to employment. We help young people to develop their confidence and life skills, to engage with their education and to move into employment or become their own boss.

Start Something

The Trust has helped over 950,000 young people to date and supports over 100 more each day. Three in four young people supported by The Prince’s Trust move into work, training or education.

How You Can Help

We plan to draw together a global circle of friends and expand our network of Patrons in the US; convening a group of US-based philanthropists and companies to invest in our vital projects for young people internationally.

The Numbers

Together, we can highlight the difference The Prince’s Trust has made to hundred of thousands of young people across the globe, and the need to support many more.

“We have supported more than 1,000,000 young people since 1976”.

  • Three in four young people supported by The Prince’s Trust move into work, training or education.
  • 87c of every $1 donated to The Prince’s Trust is spent on The Trust’s charitable activities.
  • 57% of young people aged 16 to 25 in the UK believe social media has generated a pressure that continues to swell, causing detriment to themselves, their future and their overall quality of life (Prince’s Trust Youth Index 2019, February 2019)
  • One in three young people aged 11 to 30 in the UK believe that people in their community do not care about them, with this rising to 41% among 21 to 25 year olds (Prince’s Trust Futures at Stake 2018, December 2018)

Rachel's story

In Scotland

“Life is pretty fantastic right now; I work as a Healthcare Assistant at the Royal Hospital for Children and I’m on the path to working out next steps to applying to do a degree in Mental Health Nursing.”


Kristin's story

In Canada

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without Prince’s Trust Canada. That one-day introductory workshop kickstarted a tsunami.”


Gideon's story


“I truly believe in the power of mentors and positive role models to show young people their value, and that there is so much out there for them.”


Tyrell's story

In Canada

“I was surrounded by positive role models who believed in me and inspired me to go out and find a career.”


Sam's Gap story


“Before The Prince’s Trust, I was battling many obstacles and needed a way to escape the unpredictability of my life.”


Cherie Ann's story

In Australia

“The Prince’s Trust program allowed me to take stock of where I really was in my business and devise and implement a well-considered business structure.”


Amit's story

In India

“Till the time I stepped into the Centre, I had absolutely no idea about the retail sector or the job opportunities there.”


Eirini's story

In Greece

“I like to think of myself as a ‘child of Charles. It’s because of what has been offered to me by PTI, The Bodossaki Foundation and Knowl Social Enterprise that I’ve been able to achieve what I have.”


Naser's story

In Jordan

“Nearly all the jobs I was searching for required sector previous experience, which I didn’t have.”


Vasilis' story

In Greece

“I have the most positive view of the PTI Enterprise Programme in Greece, the people of the Programme were there for me whenever I asked for their support. I am not sure how things would have turned our wihtout PTI, Corallia and AFI. I probably would also have fled Greece sooner or later. But now I know, failure didn’t stop me once and it won’t stop me in the future.”